...feeling insecure Amy @amy907

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Discovered this through reading an article. Thought it might be a good way to communicate with people who get it. I've been good for a while where the psoriasis has stayed controllable and then out of nowhere I'm covered in those red spots again :(


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Ellie @elliev

Hey ☺️ just discover this yesterday haha and I’m really happy I did .. don’t know a lot of people who also have psoriasis.. so it’s great to see people from all over write their experiences through this journey of psoriasis ✌🏾

Michelle @michelle1021

Welcome Amy and Ellie. Glad you both joined us. Check out the Theme/Topic section. We are here to give you advice and if you can give us some, we will really appreciate it. There are thousands of us out there and we are all here to support each other. :)

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