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What’s been your biggest challenge whilst suffering with psoriasis?


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7 responses

Amy @amy907

Keeping my self confidence


Rebekah @rebekah

I agree! Everything 😪

Amy @amy907

I find most people don't even care but I do >

Jen @jen1984

My biggest challenge was -and still is- accepting that there's no cure. And to get on with everyday life facing the world.

Rebekah @rebekah

😪 this too.

Knowing nothing will ever make it go away and I’m stuck with it forever 😪

Steve @steve8720

Finding something that works in calming it down. Started drinking an aloe drink seems to help with the itching and plaques so far so good

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Rebekah @rebekah
Sydney NSW, Australia

Friendly and outgoing. Suffered with psoriasis since I was 9... I’m now 27. Still a daily struggle but I just get on with life...

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