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Has anyone noticed a link between flying and flare ups? The last 3 times I’ve flown, it’s been followed by a flare up of my guttate, could just be a coincidence - I’d be interested to know if anyone else has experienced something similar


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Iain. Do you think adrenaline rush might have something to do with it? I found that when I get adrenaline rush, I itch. Not sure actually.

Iain @iain

Yeah might be the stress related to flying, as I am a nervous flyer; possibly the poor quality recycled air too

Jen @jen1984

No not for me. I make sure I'm moisturized and keep drinking water. Flying never affects me. I love flying I relax.

Iain @iain

Another South African living in London - recently diagnosed with Psoriasis

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