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Hi all :) I'm new here *waves*
Just read 'Healing Psoriasis' and 'Radiant' and trying to improve pso with diet and using natural products on my skin (currently going through a lovely steroid withdrawal, eek). What do people use on their face?


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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

hello holli. welcome to the club :) i am on diet and doing other things aswell, not given up everyhting but,most :) getting great results,. i put double bass on my face,seems to ryme well :),trying stop steriods as it thins the skin, my hands look a bit wrinkled for my age so, hope to stop them for good . :)

HollyDan @hollydan

Hey there Holli,
Steroids were always a nightmare for me, p came back with a vengeance when I came off the foam
I was using and I've never used them since. For moisturising, I find diprobase cream is the best for me and coconut oil is fab for a non-aggressive way of getting make up off!
I totally agree that diet affects psoriasis, but careful that you're not on one you don't enjoy - as the stress of that worsens your p anyway! (I did a no sugar/red meat/nightshade veg/dairy/white flour/fried foods diet - basically I could have veg, eggs and chicken and I was so miserable!) it's always good to cut one thing out, wait a few weeks to see if your skin improves and if not you don't have to deprive yourself of something you enjoy. Diets are great to try out - but everyone's body reacts differently so explore what's good/bad for you!
(I've also read healing p dr pagano right? I'm not eating just apple for theee days for any man 😂😂)
Good luck on your journey and
Stay Awesome,
H x

Don @don

morning Holli nice to see you xx I use baby oil on my face its ok

Holli @holli

Thanks guys :) Yeah I'm trying recipes from the book 'Radiant' which is all gluten free, nightshade free, sugar free etc so hoping that'll help. Can't bring myself to do the juice detox though haha!! Tried apple cider vinegar (diluted) on my face today and noticed a bit of improvement, it's almost smooth :D x

darren @bigd1982

Hi Holli - welcome - some great people on here with great experiences and some results - im also following the same diet as you mentioned Gluton free diary free, sugar free and avoiding nightshade foods, and drinking shed loads of water, - with the odd treat to keep me sane - ive had P for over 4 years now - and glad to say since I started my diet 4 weeks ago my arms are almost clear and my legs are getting better - so all I can suggest if follow your diet, be strong and hopeful and you will hopefully see results :-)

Jack @psoriasisblob

Hi Holli! I normally go commando on my face, just a bit of natural soap and a dab of hydrocortisone if I need a heavy hitter.

Lynne @lynnenettelton

I use Vichy and my friend uses Coconut butter

Lynne @lynnenettelton

I use Vichy and my friend uses coconut butter

Holli @holli

Aww Darren that's fab and very encouraging! :) I've been on it for about 10 days now and seeing an improvement in my face but my body is still pretty red but I guess it'll take time to undo all the pizza and wine over the years haha! :)
Thanks Jack and Lynne :) much appreciated x

Mariana @mariana

Hi. I guess I am very lucky in that I have no spots in my face (yet). So I use my normal skin product like moisturisers on my face

Sabrina @fergiegirl

I use Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse and Nutrimetics Nutri Rich oil on my face. I only get a rare flare on my face but these are lovely and rich and get rid of it. Don't make your skin oily either.

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Holli @holli
Leicester, United Kingdom

Plaque and inverse psoriasis sufferer of 12 years. I get it all over my face (yay for make up) and on about 60% of my body currently. Been on medication for about 10 years but now hoping to find some relief in a lifestyle change :)

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