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Having had P on my feet, I couldn't wear open shoes to work so I always had a pair of slippers under my desk. Nobody thought funny of it and it made things easier for me as it covered the top of my feet. I love slippers. Anybody else? :)


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 John,Toxin portal patch
John,Toxin portal patch @chewbacca

Yes, I love my darth vader slippers :) come with breathing noises too :) I do have a flakes on top of my foot and found best not put anything on it as it irritates it,My moisturizer dosnt like my legs i know that and it did make it itch with using that, so i dont put anything on it now,As long as you are not wearing your dressing gown at work too lol :)

Michelle @michelle1021

hahahahaha John. If I could I would. I love pajamas. Yes those slippers are awesome. Lol, But too puffy for your P. The slippers might make breathing noises but your P will not. lol Luckily you don't sleep in them.

 John,Toxin portal patch
John,Toxin portal patch @chewbacca

Yes they are big those slippers but not heavy to wear :) Most of the time i am bare feet as i do let my feet breath, hahaha, i couldnt sleep in them anyway,i be waking up all night with the breathing going off all the time,maybe a bit scary lol :)

Rosey @sue2023

I have to wear closed in shoes argh,i Vicks my feet before I put socks on,as soon as I'm home bare feet all the way except on the hot ground ,then it's thongs

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