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Looking to change my diet to help my Psoriasis, I’ve heard about Keto, Paleo, AIP & anti-inflammatory diets and I’d be interested to know if anyone has try these, how effective they were and which they felt worked the best


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Dionna @dionna

I’m gonna change my diet too and hopefully it will be a lifestyle for me. Plant based diet is what I’m gonna try since I tried it for a week previously. Is there a specific name for plant based diet though? Haha

Arch @arch

Gave pagano a go but must admit I didn't stick to it so well. If I try again I believe you need to go 100% in on it. I did notice however that my p became more responsive to other medication/general moisturising when sticking to it and feel like I should pick it up again. I did get a little confused when looking at different diets though, as although relatively similar there were some contradictory statements between them. Interested to hear what people respond to your question with.

Iain @iain

Hey yeah exactly, a lot of similar traits, followed by contradictions; especially with regards to certain types of “acceptable” fruit & veg - think I’m going to start very basic, ie with foods that are common to all and build up what I’m comfortable with over a couple of months - from the little that I’ve read, probably a dedicated “anti-inflammatory” diet is my best starting point

Susan @godcares

Diet is part of how I got cured. Meditation, releasing stress to God, walking, therapy... Lots of stuff. If you private message me I can send you the elimination diet that some of us on this site do around this time every year. Takes about a month and is quite boring but it does let you know what you can and can't have. It did for me. Anyone can message me. What I can't have is dairy, sugar for sure, very little fruit, bread/pasta are a no no, I always say that if something is not sustainable you will fail. I eat really well. Lots of vegetables, any protein I like including eggs. Eg today... I had a protein shake with an orange and a banana and a kiwi, which was for the 2 of us. That's all the fruit I will have. Lunch was celery, peppers, cauliflower (steamed), with 2 eggs and some salami (not usual). Tonight for supper it's a massive salad with lettuce, avocado, peppers, celery, snow peas and I'm putting on top of that boneless pork that I baked with cinnamon and tumeric all day... It's a very BIG meal and my husband eats this way too. This is sustainable and then when holidays come, we eat some crap but not tons.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Iain. I am mostly on the paleo diet. It works great for me although I don't like nuts or fruit apart from bananas and avo's. I don't have a problem with eggs and love a boiled egg but I don't eat it too much. I'm mostly on the salads, veggies and meat during the week. On weekends, if I feel hungry, I'll have a steak, topped with sweet peppers, mushrooms and avo. Once a month I'll have pasta or rice but Every sunday, I have a home cooked meal and I eat everything I like. I keep my diet balanced varying between the good and bad but I still keep it strict during the week. Cheating on sundays does nothing to my P but should I eat that every day, I'll itch like an evil bunny.

Linda @justicejones

I am just trying the Keto diet so will let you know how it goes

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