...feeling hopeful Josh @jmill12


Been seeing a natural hygienist the last few months to deal with P. Has me on a vegan diet, intermittent fasting, getting consistent sleep each night, regular sunshine on exposed skin. I’ve been seeing steady improvements.


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Michelle @michelle1021

That's great news Josh and well done. It's not easy to go vegan especially when you love a nice steak. like me but luckily I'm a salad and veggie lover so it's quite easy to change. Keep us posted!

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Great Josh, :), I couldnt go vegan though many out there think i am and am not ,Plenty of veggies in diet its great :)

Josh @jmill12
Chicago, IL, USA

I’m 28 years old from Illinois and have psoriasis since about 14. Feel like I’ve tried almost everything and have not gotten the healing results I’d like to see.

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