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Hey everyone! I did my best in the interview today! Despite having P,I felt confident from each and everyone that supported me before my interview. Even if I don’t get the job, I’ll be satisfied because I did well


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Tessa Gray
Tessa Gray @katniss

Yayyy that's so good, Dionna!! And you will get the job but good luck until then!

Rosey @sue2023

Well done Dionna !,confidence is the key.I am glad you went well in the interview if you don't succeed ,try ,try again.I can feel your happiness in taking this step forward.

Michelle @michelle1021

That is fantastic news Dionna and I'm so proud of you. Even if you don't get the job, just know that you might have left a big impression and sometimes that is worth more than getting a job that wasn't meant for you, but, I do hope you get the job and all my fingers are crossed. Stay positive and give it your all. Good luck! :)

Michelle @michelle1021

You know Dionna, I was without a job for almost 5 months, but when I lost my job, I went for a lot of interviews. The company I work for now was one of the companies I went for an interview but the position was for a Executive Personal Assistant to the CEO. I did not get the job though, but this company invited me for a another position in their scientific lab but, that wasn't for me. So both jobs I didn't get. Then out of the blue, they called me a Friday, and told me I have to start working the Monday. I was shocked and asked them for which position. They told me its for a executive PA for the CFO. now, you can imagine how shocked I was as I did not even go for an interview for this position. Main thing is, we always have to try and leave a good impression and maybe we're lucky and someone will remember us and call us back for something different. Something BETTER. I wish you all the luck and stay awesome as you are :)

Dionna @dionna

Thank you so much to each and everyone that supported and continue supporting! I have upcoming interviews as well! My former work place wants me back but with a higher position actually, but I’m keeping my options open for now! May the best one comes to me!

Michelle @michelle1021

Good luck with the upcoming interviews Dionna and may the best job win :)

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Dionna @dionna
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I just want confidence despite having this! Follow me on Instagram but let me know in DM that you found me through here!

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