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Good morning my lovely Flaymers. I haven't had red meat in a couple of days now and I can see the improvement in my Psoriasis. The two new spots I got from the bad eating during the festive season is fading and my PsA is much better.


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Michelle @michelle1021

How many of you eat fish and chicken only? I usually eat red meat once a week to keep the iron up and it does nothing to my P but now I prefer white meat only. Apart from pork of course.

Bev @bev43

We eat far less red meat now than ever before. Not necessarily because of P. When you get to our ages 72 & 65 your body doesn't seem to handle red meat as much as when you're younger. We still eat lamb chops at a braai/BBQ though

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Bevvy :) I have heard that before yes (that the older you get the less your body can handle red meat). Do you think your health has improved by eating mostly white meat? With all the steroids they pump into the animals, the meat doesn't even taste the same which is why I'd rather pay more for free range. But I do love a steak once in a while ;)

Bev @bev43

Hi Michelle, Yes I do believe our health has improved. Steak really upsets my tummy but I think that's due to my Diverticulitis. I can have a small fillet steak though.

Michelle @michelle1021

Yes I think so too Bev. That's great if your health has improved too. Steak is heavy on the tummy. I like a ladies fillet steak too. :)
You know what? Now that we are on the steak subject. I found that when I eat a medium to well done steak, I itch more than when I eat a well done to 'dead' kind of steak?

Md @md

I am avoiding red meat for 1 year. Yes, helpful. I eat red meat 1-2 times in a month, that is no problem for me. But continuous eating for 5-6 days is the problem.

Michelle @michelle1021

True Md, eating red meat for a couple of days will be a problem for me too. It's difficult though to avoid red meat especially if you love it :)

Susan @godcares

Michelle I eat any meat except lamb. No issues. I was vegetarian up till about 30ish. I started red meat for the same reasons, to keep up my iron. It actually didn't work to keep the iron up. I have a condition where my iron was always low. Taking the Moringa was a big key to stabilizing my iron. I now, strangely enough, love meat... Who knew... Pretty much our supper is always some sort of meat, on top of a massive salad. My hubby used to even eat salad! Yikes. Now we have been together 9 months and we haven't had pasta which was his big thing. He grew up that way. Lots of bread stuff, pasta... Now he loves how we eat. Glad you figured out one trigger for your psoriasis.

Michelle @michelle1021

I can feel when my iron is low Susan. When I eat white meat only for a week, I start feeling dizzy that's when I'll eat a steak stopped with avo and sweet peppers with mushroosm. Love it. I do drink (when I remember) my iron B5 tablets as well. I love red meat but I love chicken more. Roast chicken with roast potatoes lol.
Oh Susan, I just look at pasta then I get an itch. There are a few food that trigger my Psoriasis which Is why I eliminated it, but even when I do cheat, I don't get an itch except if I do it for more than a week.

Clint @NJClint

Some meat has hormones
Some grass fed
Just get the best piece of meat you can sear it and enjoy
Avoid processed stuff

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