...feeling hopeful Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948


I apologise for being away so long Happy New Year to you all Still Have The P but I refuse to never smile, laugh and live However stuff happens..I remain as ever seeking the curative laughter I find here~~ Love you all so much


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carol @carol1943

Laughing is everything. I am lucky. I find myself and most of my family very amusing so I should have a long (and semi-miserable thanks to P) but pretty happy life.


Michelle @michelle1021

Happy new year to you too Lindakay and glad to see your'e back. That's my girl, keep smiling, laugh and be happy. We love you too xx

Rosey @sue2023

Great too see you back Lindakay,hope you get some relief in this New year. Cheers

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948
Dayton, NV, USA

Psoriasis is horrible in old age..wondering what Pharmaceutical company will ever help me buy the meds that would help me attain some form of quality of life??

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