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Yes, I've changed my picture again. Guess I'm not happy with myself right? Feeling tired. I don't sleep well at all and I know if I keep losing sleep I will start itching. Any natural remedies anyone can advise me on? Thank you xxx


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Md @md

Same problem I faced two months before. I started to exercise every day. Now I sleep very well. Go to the gym, not a simple exercise like walking or running.

Sonia @summerdressenvy

My itching use to keep me up at night - it was relentless - I started to use a cream with tea tree and camomile in it and it was such a relief

Michelle @michelle1021

Gym. I get home late in the evenings and leave early in the mornings. I guess I will start using the company's Gym. Hopefully my sleep will improve. Thank you Md :)

Mark @mark532

i use Magnesium 150 mg at night
i have learnt that the body has to be relaxed
i don't get much sleep as well but i get 3 straight hours i don't flare up as much
i have also learnt that there is a month cycle with Psoriasis and at any given time in different parts of my body will flare up but i keep it calm i don't itching as much
also i use krill and b's which real helps with the flaking
hope that may help

Michelle @michelle1021

I do think I short magnesium. I'll get some tonight before I go home thank you Mark. I can get a powernap of 10 minutes then I'm fine, but this constant waking up and sleep interruptions is wearing me out. Been like this for only a couple of days though but I think it's getting to me now.

Mark @mark532

yes i have to have power naps as well
i wake up all the time annoying ,i just thought it was to do with my past catching up on me lol

Michelle @michelle1021

your past? Okay you don't have to answer that lol. Focus on getting enough sleep. :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Well i hope things get better Michelle with you ,I am wishing you well and you Mark,

Bev @bev43

Michelle I take Slow mag give it a try. I also struggle with sleep by walk by up for a couple of hours around 2am but luckily because I'm retired I can sleep in late

Michelle @michelle1021

I'll check dischem thank you Bev. I'm also up from 2am and by the time I get to work at 06:30 I'm wasted. lol.

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you John. Yes I hope so too. I also hope it's not because of P as I never itch during the night?

Rosey @sue2023

I take magnesium at night too but still itch ,been off creams for over a week p isn't angry just itchy,wakibg up at 3 am is the norm but do go back to sleep eventually,think it's my brain not used to how good life is atm haha

Susan @godcares

Michelle you always have a beautiful picture! You Rock!

On the sleep thing I have many solutions. Magnesium some swear by. It does work along with a great probiotic. I also tried having a carb, and a vegetable. Maybe a bit of banana with peanut butter before bed. As you know I don't believe in synthetic vitamins anymore, only take Moringa. No Omega anymore either. Just Moringa powder in my shake in the morning. Eat healthy and a small amount of exercise. We have a gym as well in our building and never use it. I think I'm "gymed" out. LOL. Anyway, those are the least costly things, although I do pay for my Moringa and it is a "natural" plant. Lots of great supplements out there but not all are natural.
Oh, and another great exercise that's quick and free is just stand with your legs slightly apart, bend your knees and lower to your knee level. Arms in front of you. Hold for about 10 seconds and stand up again. Do about 30 if you can. This will increase your heart rate for a long time after so it burns calories. Don't do just before bed though. Do it at least an hour before bed. You already know I keep things simple. Keeps all that stress of "Oh Lord, how do I fit that into my schedule!" LOL Hope that helps, and hope you find some relief.

Clint @NJClint

Nice picture
The moon and time of year can mess up your sleep 💤

Michelle @michelle1021

Tell me more? Wine time I guess ;) thank you Clint

Jen @jen1984

Yes magnesium and probiotic work well I agree Susan. And no more calf and toe cramps.
I read somewhere that if you wake regularly at the same time each night it means that one or more of your organs need attention. Used to be 3:30 every night. My liver needed detoxing. Google .

Desley @desley

Rescue Remedy Sleep, Michelle. All natural herbs. Great for stress too. ☺️

Dionna @dionna

I think a change of photo now and then is good. It’s always fresh and interesting! Maybe you could watch videos on YouTube until you get really sleepy like I do or the workout plan is good too!

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