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Everyone says change of diet helps, what are you thoughts? What's helps and what dident?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

I wish i knew what really affects me Amanda,I know not eating fried , fast foods,cutting sugar out or limit it, not drinking,smoking , can help reduce inflammation, I been off the rails a bit in the last few months because of holidays etc but maintain a healthy diet of a lot of veggies as always daily ,Winter is my main issue as always though i dont get psoriasis bad , Drink 2 litres/liters of water a day helps for hydration,I know i been off the rails a bit as my hands have spots on them, little flakes,Diet/lifestyle changes does help reduce inflammation in the body but, its not a cure for this but can ,will make it better and takes time,Some see bigger results than others, we are all different ,I am on liverel vita biotics at the moment, doing 3 months on that to see if there is a change as someone here said theirs cleared up with this supplement,I trying my best with this and cant do harm to me , I wish you well Amanda

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