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Scalp psoriasis friends, how do you best deal with The Prickle? That sensation of fire and burn? 🔥


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Susan @godcares

Sarah I used to use a medication that worked wonders. Can't post it here but you are more than welcome to private message me. It worked like a charm really quickly too, but it is a steroid which I'm not a fan of.

Rita @rita

I unfortunately have to agree with Susan. Having had scalp psoriasis for about 15 years and scratched like a maniac, I’ve started using very sparingly a steroid cream too. I’ve tried so many shampoos and creams on my scalp with no success. The steroid cream seems to be working. I’m hoping that if I can calm the scalp enough so that I don’t scratch it’ll heal finally.

Rosey @sue2023

D a vi o b e t gel from drs cleared me and coal tar shampoo ,tried everything from olive oil on head overnight to porridge on head ,clumpy day that was lol

Michelle @michelle1021

Hey Sarah :)
Same as Rosey, coal tar shampoo has healed my P. I vary between head and shoulders, horse shampoo and once a week coal tar to help prevent Scalp P and keeping flakes away. The horse shampoo helped for hair growth. :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Thanks all! I've got my first scalp flare in a few months, it's down to getting a cold. It isn't awful but the burn cones on around 8pm each night this past couple of nights. I think it's just the skin drying out and tightening up at night time.

Vicki @vicki55

What and where do you get horse shampoo? My daughter has tried so many things but currently apple cider. I’m concerned about loss of hair around temple

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Vicki, I buy it from my local chemist. It does help but using it too often can dry your hair out too. I only wash my hair occasionally with it. I'm using Prosana hair products now and it strengthens the hair as well. Good luck and I hope you find something that works for your daughter. :)

Clint @NJClint

I cured that condition with rubbing alcohol it burns just do it every few days avoid conditioners..for a while

Rosey @sue2023

My head didnt burn,yet had towers growing,yet body burns,weird. Hey

sheila @sheila300365

I've been using Trader Joe's Head To Toe Balm on my scalp lesions and it really calms things down.

Denise @Denise52

I've had P on scalp on and off for about 40 years. Coal tar based shampoo works for me. I don't use any prescribed ointments/creams now. What I haven't had any success with is P on my feet - I developed it on my feet about 3 years ago.

Caitlin @caitlin

With my scalp psoriasis, i use sebco ointment which gets let on overnight and washed out the next day following scraping all the death out. Shampoo i use after that is capasal. And then again after that i use a coconut oil serum all over while its still damp.

Then childs farm unscented moisturiser round the edges of my hair style, as its a long mohawk kinda do. And sparingly the dovobet gel in the hair mass.

Usually does me good for a few days.
Sorry for the long how to reply x

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