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How does stress affect your Psoriasis?
For me not so good.
I try to be street free but little things drive me crazy, traffic, co-workers, unreasonable demands @work, lack of energy...


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

It depends on the type of stress Darren,I have been to the point of being stressed for over 2 years through no fault of mine , through others that put me in a situation, financially, emotionally etc and wanted to be dead but i did not notice any difference with skin and i was a mess, I have no financial worries etc at the moment and i am good and my skin not great, Sometimes could be a combination of a lot of things that can make it worse maybe?, If one had it bad , i am sure it will have an effect if its affecting ones life daily,Stresses are there a lot of the time,depends how one handles them i suppose , I wish you well

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Darren. Emotional stress is my biggest P trigger. Physical stress can have an impact on your P as well as it is stress to your body but accidents do happen unfortunately. The quality of relationships can change when a person is under stress so one needs to decide is it worth stressing over or not? Can I do something about it? Prolonged stress can result in suppressed immune function, increased susceptibility to infectious and immune-related diseases and cancer. Emotional stress can also result in hormonal imbalances. Stress is no good.
Yes John, Financial worries is a big stress too as it stays with your for a couple of days or months and the thing is that if you have nowhere to go for help, it gets worse. Having a strong mind, can help you overcome your stress. Once one learns how to handle the certain types of stress, then you'll also see a difference in your body.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

So True Michelle, People are generally more stressed these days as most people in the uk say are in dept because financial companies just hand out loans etc and people dont realize what a hole they have put themselves into, I have always been good with finances, if i dont have the money or cant afford the payments, i wouldnt have it , Its too easy out there now and a lot of people put themselves in this situation which causes huge stresses,Mental disease can come out of stress which in turn has an effect on the body, I look back and think, i must be stronger than i thought through those dark times not to long ago, I survived :), I will never go back to a situation like that again, :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Darren, I know about traffic. Have it every day and it stresses me out terribly. I don't have patience with everything that is slow. I know it's bad. We work more than 40 hours a week, all we want is to go home and have that damn glass of wine, so we start rushing and get stressed over slow traffic, because we don't drink after 19h00 lol (me sometimes). But we are tired. We are not invincible. We burn out. We get sick. We are vulnerable which leads to stress. Two things we forget to have, is enough sleep and not to lose sight of our purpose to have quality social time. (at home or with friends or whatever you prefer). We need some 'me' time.
John. Unfortunately most people are looking to have a lavish life and not a good health. You were definitely stronger than you thought you were and its great to hear you got through it all. :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Thank you Michelle, so true, people want it all these days, Thank you :)

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

I am a Travelling Hospice Nurse I am faced everyday with stress..but we can't hide under a Rock we find coping mechanisms for me its spending ONE Quality Day doing what I love doing...if its gaming..or cards...or playing with one of my dogs...I make that time and apologise to no one for having my time...I love reading immersing myself in whodoneits or history but reading gets me out of my own skin so to speak..a long hot lovely bath in Epsom salts...a massage...and I don't care if I am in a full on flare I take gloves with me they can borrow them hahahaha The Most Valueable thing I have done over the years is I have become Honest with myself and I am not perfect..I wear a headset to play music I like which distracts me enough so I can concentrate on meditating to lower my heart rate I do breathing exercises and put post cards up in front of my eyes to places I love..carry my camera as I take amazing photos...so there are methods to our Madness darling..and I am glad I have P but it does give me the dithers too..Hugs hope this helps

Rosey @sue2023

Stress is good for me, well good because I'm not in flamed cause of it,my stress is brother I haven't seen in 20 years I will see Saturday

Susan @godcares

darren personally I think stress is stress. A fun party can be a stress. Drivers can be a stress. Work can be a stress. It takes practice and tools to manage stress. For example, I used to get so pissed off at driver's. Then I chose to just smile and not engage. Low and behold one day I was with my daughter driving and this guy came right up on the ass of my van, honked and passed me. Instantly my hand went up and I fingered him! LOL Well it was a good laugh for both my daughter and I as she also knew that I didn't want to do that anymore. Soooo I just practice living in the moment. I'm only responsible for my actions and I guess, especially now, I never know another person's story so I offer, most people, Grace and just wish them well silently. It's also a good practice for me to not be judgemental.

Erica @Eri

It depends yes, small things can irritate me but real stress is a trigger. Last night an animal shelter burned down and I can feel how the tragedy of it all affects my body along with my mental well being. I am in a state, my heart rate increased, my blood pressure, everything goes south. Because I deal with so much need and horror I've learned to not let the small stuff bother me too much. You probably are dealing with unresolved issues (mean it in a good way) hence your lack of tolerance for stress factors.

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