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When your specialist says I need another specialist that deal with this? What the? That's who I thought I was referred to,this is after 3 years ,turns out his a skin cancer specialist,But he does deal with my condition Im ok,just a bit peeved


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Rosey @sue2023

Means he hasn't got clue,lol,not spending more money on another ,I'm still under him atm,did ye him not to demean himself haha,he don't find me funny at all

Linda @justicejones

It is so frustrating when you have long waits to see a specialist and then not get the help you need sometimes sites like this Ofer more help than doctors.

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

I don't have to imagine that happening they treated me for about a year for what they said was a Fungus...sent me to various MD's and finally after about a year and a half I have the most Fabulous Female Dermatologists on this or any other planet so Rosey just hang in there

Sonia @summerdressenvy

I’ve seen my fair share of dermatologists - at least 6 in the last 35 years. Hard to find the person just right for you but don’t settle - you’ll find your match - good luck!

Denyse @denyse

I’ve been waiting for 6 months to see my 5th Dermatologist. My appointment is March 5 which by then will be 8 months. Just ridiculous! I know how you feel Rosey! I stopped seeing the last one because she wouldn’t do a biopsy on my hands. She said they are not reliable, but the funny thing was she had pamphlets in her waiting room recommending biopsies. Soooo frustrating!

Rosey @sue2023

I pay for him,guess he thought He could put me in remission,not talking mild,all over, another case of If I knew then what I know now

Rosey @sue2023

And the problem is the wait to see new one,well think Dr (specialist)referring so might not have to wait but I have to come up with the initial cost all over again. I'll worry bout that another day

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Rosey @sue2023
Perth WA,

Had psoriasis forever but weathered the ups and downs.Tomorrows a different story.

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