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Hi Everyone, People look at me like I have some kind of contagious infection any tips for when and how to tell someone?


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Fran @narf

Don’t let them bother you, if someone is really concerned and asks what is happening with you, by all means it’s your turn to educate, the only exception I would make is if their attitude being conveyed to children, I think I would speak up and make sure the real story is given to children. Adults are mostly a lost cause, content with their ignorance, a child’s mind is open to education

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Tom. Being honest and forthright is the best way to go. Don't be embarrassed but rather confident when people stare at you. Having an autoimmune disorder is not easy which is why you need to up your game with people who do not understand what you have. Be prepared for a variety of emotions but don't let it get you down. Start the conversation by telling them about the body's immune system and how it protects you from disease and infection but in our case our body attacks healthy cells etc etc. We need to explain to people or else they won't be as understanding as we want them to be. Good luck :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Tom,I just tell people if they ask and like as Michelle has said, that is an auto immune disease, A lot of people are interested when you explain about this and you look confident and i just say , i was born with it ,a gift from my mother and that anyone could end up with this and that its on the increase worldwide,I used to get embarrassed years ago and now i dont care as its not my fault as i see it, Theres worse out there so i see it this way ,Welcome to Flaym Tom, Thank you :)

Sonia @summerdressenvy

Children will ask me straight up “what is that?” and I can comfortably answer but it’s those people who stare or even whisper who really get to me ... I try to remain calm and not bothered by it ... I like the idea of starting the conversation but that can be hard for me sometimes ... however if I’m asked, I feel more at ease.

Erica @Eri

Ask them politely if they will feel better if you tell them what you have and what it is about. Tell them you are more afraid of what they have that the eye can't see. When my P was bad I actually considered printing out a short summary of what it is about and just handing it out to those who stare. On the other hand if it is someone making YOU uncomfortable tell them hey don't stand too close you might catch what I have... Seriously you will always have people that doesn't know what it is about, best is to learn to not let it bother you too much.

Honey @honey

Well if they ask, you just tell them what it is, how/where did you get it like you know explain them how it is not contagious. And if they're just staring at you just say don't worry it's not contagious and smile. 😂 I did that to my seatmate and now she's my friend who always slaps my hand everytime i scratch my itchy psoriasis. 😂 But then again it depends on person's stare sometimes they gave you disgusting look and that made me sad.

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