...feeling happy Clint @NJClint


We are all on this together what brought this to us is unknown...ugg maybe Floride in water or food were expected to eat or environmental who knows as a group we can speak up to get the medical 😷 people to care


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Hello Clint, My mother brought this to me , so i know where it comes from :) Environmental is my main issue with it, winter sucks summer better, always been this way,With others that get this out of the blue,Could be medications like anti depressants have been know to start this in some people, maybe poor diet ?Chemicals used on the skin, hair dyes i have heard too can set it off,So many factors,I had mine handed down and i dont know where my mother got this from as i dont know her, It could be worse :)

Linda @justicejones

Agreed! I was surprised how painful it can be among other things it can do. Thank you for your posts and information!

Clint @NJClint

John my Mom had it also she had nine kids not all of us got it only a couple ...

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

I see Clint, Sorry about this, It usually has a connection from relatives which is most common,My friend has it though know one else in his family has it, his is very acute though,not noticed, small flake here and there but nothing, lucky guy really , Eats anything, drinks like a fish, uses shower gels etc , dont affect him :)

popeye @el1

My Grandfather ( Mums Dad ) had it and my mums sister and then me only one out of 6 of us , my sisters daughter has it .

Michelle @michelle1021

Neither my mom or dad had it. An uncle of mine had it but it disappeared. My brother and sister has got P too but not like mine. They only have it on their elbows but not severe. Sometimes it just goes away. They eat and drink all crap and nothing happens to their skin. They love their beer though.
I have two daughters 24 & 25 and none of them has got P nor does my grandchild. It can skip a generation but I pray they don't get it. They eat the same food I do and always accommodate me in whatever they'd like to do e.g. food, holidays etc. Very considerate of them but they know this is me and it's part of my life.

Honey @honey

No one in my family has it even with my relatives that's why sometimes Im having a doubt that I maybe adopt......ed nahhhh kidding. 😂 Well my sister also have a psoriasis we both got it when we reach 18 yrs old the reason why my mother thinks that it is some black magic shit. 😂 But my uncle said that my great grandfather used to have a serious problem with his scalp but no one knows if it is psoriasis 'cause hospital and doctors doesn't exist in an island where they lived in. 😂

Rita @rita

Nobody in my family has had psoriasis. I developed it as a baby being fed a home-made formula which contained corn syrup. But my 3 sisters were also fed this formula and they've never had it. I'm the only one in the family with a negative blood type. Psoriasis for sure is a mystery.

Dionna @dionna

Same goes for me. No one in my family has P. I feel so alienated at times because they would ask so many times even when I’ve explained. I know their intention is good and they want to help but we have been going through this for years, we know what somehow works and what don’t. They would ask me to put “anti-fungal creams”. Use “dandruff shampoo”. I’m just like 😑

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Yes people without psoriasis and all this, know everything you dont lol :)

Rosey @sue2023

Maybe born with it so there goes theory of b a d lifestyle , who cares anyway,people judge.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Yes i am a lifer too Rosey, Diet/lifestyle helps my joints but not my skin it seems, I am taking more pills than a Harcore Raver at the moment , I wait to see in time if a miracle happens, been 5 weeks now on these super dooper pills , :)

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

My Mom had it and my Alkie Uncle I Loved him so much miss him everyday as I do my Mom. I had it off and on but my own didn't get worse until I passed through the Portal to old age. Then its like it came screaming down the lane at me like a Freddie Kruger..and has been a nightmare ever since..Winters are awful for me as well I keep asking about the Keto Diet because some one said their skin problem went completely away and now as I sit here reading this I realise I AM still holding out Hope for a cure dash it all..steroid cremes have kept the itching at bay and one oral pill helps hold back the tide some..but have found incredible info in the topics and themes here I love this site hope all are well...the pain is horrible some days cannot wait until spring and summer Hugs all Be Blessed. Going to Sun my Lizard parts Love ya all

lyn @lyns

I had P for the 1st time 9 years ago. I am very blessed not to have it permanently, it comes and goes.

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