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Good news! I’m starting work next Monday as a Junior Supervisor! I’m excited yet concerned. Last year my P just got more worse. I used to not bother covering my hand but now I’m just insecure all the time.


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Thats great news Dionna, Just talk about it, say my hands have psoriasis, When one looks scared insecure , people may see that as weak, i been there,I know it takes time to build confidence, it took me years ,If i could do it, maybe you can too?, look confident is the key and people respect that ,I know its not easy, i know that :)

Dionna @dionna

Yeah it’s hard with being confident regarding P. Sometimes I do ignore it but the feeling that I get is “oh people are looking”

Denyse @denyse

Congrats on the new job! I also have psoriasis on my hands and if someone asks what’s going on with your hands, I tell them! I always use bandaids when they flare up so that’s when someone would ask. You should look into CBD oil. My hands have clear since New Years! I wish I could post before and after pics!

Dionna @dionna

Hey Denyse! Thank you so much! Unfortunately CBD oil is illegal in my country 🤷🏽‍♀️ Hemp seed oil or any products related to hemp is illegal 😞 there are tar based shampoo for scalp P and natural based creams for the rest. ACV is also available but yeah there isn’t much choice here

Rahul @rahul0

There is one tablet Oncotrex 5 mg, you can try that after consulting with your doctor. My flakes are gone for now.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Good news Rahul :) Trouble is you stop these eventually then its always going to come back, I am on Well man + at the moment, a vitabiotic, i am hoping for improvements in time, got slight fade in places so who knows, I wish you well :)

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Dionna @dionna
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I just want confidence despite having this! Follow me on Instagram but let me know in DM that you found me through here!

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