...feeling happy Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948


I am so fortunate to live way out on the Plains in my vast desert its very cold outside but the Sun lounge chair here I come for more sunning today~~In front of the window again smiles,more smiles my cheekers are sore, feet R better


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Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

wish I could post my before and after photos of what Pustulate Psorasis does to my extremities cracked,bloody ,swollen and red and itchy wish I could show the Bark they become when I am in Flare mode..with of course the mounting determination to fix it all I will never be cured but I have gained some control how this effects my thinking..the depression that ensues and how you all have helped me reconstruct some way to heal what is broken I adore you all so much for being with me in this Journey May God Bless you all a thousand fold :>) I am grateful

Michelle @michelle1021

You truly are. I can say the same living in SA. No matter if its winter through summer, sun always shines. You seem very happy and that's good

Susan @godcares

WTG Linda... There are always blessings to be had and ways to manage stress. Life is too short. God Bless you always as well.

Rosey @sue2023

Enjoy all you have

Ann @ann8680

You guys are lucky I live in Scotland and my psoriasis always gets worse in the winter

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Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948
Dayton, NV, USA

Psoriasis is horrible in old age..wondering what Pharmaceutical company will ever help me buy the meds that would help me attain some form of quality of life??

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