...feeling okay Dionna @dionna

Looks, coping

Started first day of work today! It’s good to be around colleagues that don’t really bother about my scalp P 😄 they just want me to work well 🤣


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Rahul @rahul0

That's right even ignore all those who do bother with your scalp.

Erica @Eri

Lucky for me I am an integral part of our firm, they are just very glad I am here.... Don't mind the other stuff, as long as the work gets done hehe.

Michelle @michelle1021

That is wonderful news Dionna and I'm very happy for you. You can now only show them what you're made off. P or no P. :)

Dionna @dionna
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I just want confidence despite having this! Follow me on Instagram but let me know in DM that you found me through here!

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