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Anyone use avocado oil? I just bought a bottle because of its high smoke point, but I'm now reading it has a lot of nutritional qualities plus is good for both P and arthritis.


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Susan @godcares

Never used it James but I do have avocado everyday! A great fat. Add some coconut oil to thin it down and it's a great salad dressing. I usually just use coconut oil for salads. BTW do not marinate things in coconut oil and BBQ them. Recipe for a disaster. Did that once and the BBQ was afire! LOL Lesson learned!

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi James. Also never used it before but I do eat avo a lot and its great for me P. I don't itch nor get inflamed. One of the only fruits I eat often. :)

James @ferns

I can't yet comment on the health benefits but it makes the food taste better and has a much hire smoke point that EVO, 271c/520f as opposed to 160c/320f

James @ferns

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