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Hi,i have a lot of questions!Can i ask u?
1)Has anyone ever achieved a long remission?
2)How do you feel now? Psychologically and physically?
3)Does anyone want to be friends in another program? Share feelings and support each other!


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Mary. Yes my remission last for almost 10 years. Physiologically and physically I'm excellent and well, I'm not interested in another support system as I get all the support here where all my fellow flaymers are. They are survivors, warriors and awesome. I won't find better and im not looking for anthing better :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Psychologically I mean

Tobin @tobin

I haven’t had psoriasis since 2014 . It’ll be gone forever as long as I stick to my diet

Tobin @tobin

2) confidence has been high ever since and physically great as I also lift weights . Ever since I’ve been clear I have been able to work all day and gym with only 4-5 hours of sleep

Rosey @sue2023

Agree with Michelle
I get all the information and support needed right here. Good luck Mary.

Kim @Foody

Depending on your age, 4-5 hours sleep is not good. If you are lifting weights you should be getting a lot more sleep than that.

Tobin @tobin

I’m not saying I get that much sleep every night , just saying that if for some reason I only get little sleep I have woken up full of energy unlike before

Michelle @michelle1021

You know Tobin, I don't get much sleep either. I wake up twice during the evening and struggle to go back to sleep, but once I get that 10 minute "dead"sleep, I'm good to go. Problem is, my brain doesn't shut off while sleeping. I do get days where I get 6-7 hours sleep but then I'm more tired when I wake up. I do not suffer from insomnia though.

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Mary @marymayseo
Ekaterinburg, Russia

Hi,I’m Mary.Im 16,I’ve had psoriasis since I was 5.Now I need some people that can understand me:)I hope I’ll find a friends!

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