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After 30 years i am thinking start ιnjection .what is your opinion?


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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Sid @sid

After three failed medical treatments - light and two types of tablet/injectable - I'm now on injectable biologic and it has worked wonders just within the first month's dose. It's extremely expensive, so your dermatologist will need to apply for funding - I've only got funding for the first three doses but my dermatologist will apply for continuation as there's been a good response from my skin on this.

Susan @godcares

I wouldn't but I got healing with my diet plus other things. If it hadn't worked for me, I never know what I would have done. Hey, it's your life and I've seen many on this site that have had great success.

diamantis patras
diamantis patras @diamantispatras
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