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I was diagnosed a while back with plantar fasciitis and it's really giving me problems just now I'm 12hr shifts always on my feet seen online this is a common problem with psoriatic arthritis could this be the cause of my pain too any advice thanks


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Debbie,Could well be, A lot of people who have psoriasis can have the possibilty of psoriatic arthritis but not all,, I had bad pain in my feet years ago and i knew what it was,I changed what i eat and drink less alcohol and my joints are great, i get slight aches now and again but its nothing , I hope you can get on top of this ,I wish you well Debbie Thanks

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

There are all kinds of Good Feet stores that make inserts to help you Debbie if your not close to one find one on the internet..12 hours on the floor good God Babe get off your feet..I do homecare now because I could no longer take my hours and be Unit Coordinater any sweet cheeks find "The Good Feet" store closest to you and while I don't think it has anything at all to do with Psorasis I have long ago stopped assuming anything about this entire process have a great week Miss Debbie and many Blessings on Ye and Fee :>)

Susan @godcares

Debbie plantar fasciitis is very painful. Not sure if there is a link to that and psoriasis. I had PF in my early 20's. Even had an injection done that didn't work at all. What really helped me, I had shin splints too from walking, was rolling a golf ball on the balls of your feet, toes, everywhere on the bottom of your feet. Before and you stand and walk. Got that info off google!

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Debbie
I wear heels a lot. Every day in fact. From that, I started to get pain in my feet especially the bone that connects your heel bone to your toes? It was painful. I never went to a podiatrist to get it looked at, I just tried to massaged it every night and try wearing more flat shoes.
I don't want to go on about this, but I haven't had pain in my foot in aaaaages. The pain was caused by inflammation but since I've started drinking my turmeric the pain went away. Now I'm not saying it is the turmeric. All I'm saying is that the inflammation is gone and I'm still wearing my heels every day. Don't know if it is part of PsA but my fingers are all good. I do sometimes get pain but almost never. Being on your feet the whole day is not good for you. Unfortunately, you will start getting backache, varicose vains and whatever else. Good luck!

Tobin @tobin

Sole inserts and thick socks fixed mine

Debbie @debbie1983

I have inserts for shoes from physio and stretches to do also.i can't wear healed shoes at all now to painful. Thanks for all the advice x

steve @beachbum

I used to have both, but now I have neither. My recommendations are first make sure you are getting the right supplements. People are almost universally deficient in D3, K2, B12 and Magnesium. Start taking 10000 IU D3 daily. Sounds like a lot, but as long as you have K2, it won't be a problem. For magnesium I'd recommend malate, glysinate, and threonate. Then also epsom salt (magnesium) soaks will help both problems. B5 may cure your plantar fasciitis on it's own. You can get it in B100 tablets. Some people recommend taking it with C. Then last but not least get good doses of turmeric daily. I told everyone here about my kombucha recipe using juiced pineapple, ginger, and turmeric (stressing turmeric) several years ago and I believe some had great results along with many people adding turmeric supplements. I think the best turmeric supplement is Qunol liquid and would recommend a couple of shots a day. You may also look into zero drop, wide toe box shoes. I much prefer them because they are more natural and allow your foot to work as nature intended.

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