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Good morning my lovely Flaymers. Hope you are all well? As you all know, I'm a turmeric fan, been drinking it for more than a year now (powder form). Since I started drinking turmeric, I do not get sick. Anybody else?


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Michelle @michelle1021

I have especially been drinking my turmeric during summer and autumn to see how my health will be during winter, and I hardly got a cold. It's almost autumn here and I'm actually looking forward to winter to see how my body will react to the cold. Oh I know I might get a few spots from the cold but I'm concentrating on keeping my immune system strong.

Rosey @sue2023

I use tumeric alot,did get a cold recently though .Had golden eggs this morning , scrambled eggs with tumeric I can tolerate eggs done this way.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Rosey. I like curried eggs with friend onion mixed with mayo.
Do you think the turmeric is helping your immune system?

popeye @el1

Morning Michelle , I also take Turmeric every day in capsule form and put it into every thing I cook . I have not got sick or had a cold etc althou most of the family have ?

Md @md

I use turmeric in all dishes, not drink. I think it is better to drink every night

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes Michelle, I have powdered turmeric most days of the week in my foods, I only had a comment yesterday, You eat the same food every time we see you cook, though they dont see me often cooking , I said well this is healthy for you , good for the immune as he sipping on his 2 litres of lemonade and putting away all his bad goodies lol, yes i have veg currys with turmeric, chicken or fish, I work in an environment where theres plenty of sickness so, its hard to get away from, I believe in turmeric to help my joints, far better than taking anti inflammatory drugs , natural Thank you :)

Michelle @michelle1021

This is great news. I think everyone who drinks/eat turmeric often is just as healthy? I haven't been to a doctor in years and thankfully I'm very healthy but the turmeric has contributed to my health as well as the way I eat. Like all of you, I drink it and eat it in all my dishes. Luckily my pots and pans aren't stained (yet). Thing is that, when you tell people you eat and drink turmeric to prevent inflammation and its a great immune booster, they just look at you and think you're crazy, leave a snotty comment like "Yes Dr Jacobs" while rolling their eyes at me, and when it comes to winter, they cough and sneeze the place full. Some do not believe in natural healing. Instead they run to a doctor to get a quick fix, which does help (for now) but what about days to come.
EI, You're lucky like a lot of us and I'm happy it works for you too :) .
Md, I agree with you there. I found that drinking the turmeric powder works quicker for my PsA than having a turmeric bite of chicken or stew, but it doesn't work the same for all of us.
John: Ignorant they are. We can only advise them. It's up to them to what they're going to do with the information.

My daughters and grandson don't have Psoriasis but they eat the same food as I do. They are healthy and they know they might get it someday. I pray they don't and we do not talk about it. Don't want to wake sleeping dogs right? ;)
Point is, although they don't have P, they are open to try the food I eat. Like me, they don't get sick during winter and they believe it's because of all the turmeric they're getting in lol. They are afraid they might turn yellow someday.

Susan @godcares

Good morning Michelle. We love tumeric as well. Pretty much put it in everything. I also don't get sick. Maybe the tumeric, maybe the Moringa. Maybe just a healthy lifestyle of no stress, exercise, I think it's also a mindset. EVERYONE around me, including my hubby, has been sick in this place I work at. I just refuse to be sick. LOL

I also got a comment from one of the staff, John and Michelle. She'd been taking days off for migraines and the flu. When she said, in a staff meeting, "I hope you don't get my sickness", I responded with "I don't get sick"... She rolled her eyes and said "Whatever!" As did the other staff and yes, eventually they were all sick. LOL. Guess who had to pick up the slack when they were off... Me! That's ok. I know when I'm run down so I sleep when I need to and rest this body. Usually I also lay down and do my meditation you tube video, there are tons out there. It's all mind body and soul for this momma!

Michelle @michelle1021

hahaha Susan, see, there it shows us, don't get too comfortable as it might turn around for us. I agree with you. Mind, body and soul definitely for me too. :)

Gyanendra @gyanindia

You are right Michelle. turmeric is part of our every day life in India. Mostly in every traditional food we use it. It's very effective to improve immune system and health n now modern science also proved that. U should also try yoga like kapalphati pranayama that is very effective to cure psoriasis. I m doing n using Ayurveda medicine n really I cure more than 90%

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Gyanendra. That is terrific news about your Psoriasis. I'm very happy for you. I have heard about Ayurveda and the reviews are great. Yes even in my country the Indians love their turmeric in their dishes and like you said, it is good for the immune system. I have thought about yoga but I need the time to actually do it. :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I can do YODA :) Ok i try , To do or do not, There is no try heee heee :)

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