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Have you ever been in a situation where you have been directly discriminated for having Psoriasis?


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cezar @cezar


bernadette @bernadette3

Yes at a close fami lo y house was scratching and was td to stop cos my scales wod get on the new wooden floor I was so upset had to outside to cry

Debbie @debbie1983

Yeah a few weeks ago at work a new woman started first thing she said to me was what's wrong with your scalp then proceeded to walk around me looking at my psoriasis. I actually think it's looking not to bad just now so I'd hate to have seen her when I've a real bad flare up

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes,As a child the teacher didnt like the look of my skin when i went swimming , That was it, the end of swimming, luckily i learnt to swim before i got banned lol,I picture the teachers face now and can see the horror on it, Never liked her anyway , snotty nose cow, I was 10 years old then :)

Derrick @Wango

Not yet but it is pretty embarrassing at times when you’re dealing with customers

Erica @Eri

Yes but nothing serious... Just people staring and asking questions but all that took a blow was my ego

Michelle @michelle1021

Neither have I been discriminated as well. I guess the world isn't such a bad place at all? People can be cruel but the more they are aware of an illness the less they will judge. :)

Ellen @ellen4

Im sure people stared but never asked about my hair..My neighbour loved it when my psoriasis had started & was in full flare..she would come & scratch off the thick flakes with a comb .. this was a daily ritual .. I loved it coz that thing itches like a @#$^&.......

Michelle @michelle1021

hahahaha Ellen. What a lucky girl you are to have your neighbour scratching off the flakes. I wonder what my neighbour will think If I ask him to do the same? People will always stare no matter what illness we have. I used to itch so much that I scratched myself till I bled but oh, it. felt. so. good! I used to say the feeling is way better than an orgasm. lol. :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Well the face pulling when scratching says it all Michelle lol :)

Ellen @ellen4

Mich that's a classic ... hahahaaaa... but you so right ...that feeling is more than relief ........... hahaaaaa

Roxanne @roxanne

A woman and her child stopped their shopping cart in front of me one summer day.
The mother said loudly"Oh my God what's wrong with your skin"?
I turned and started her down and said "I have Leprosy ".
She couldn't have gotten out of that store any faster.

Stephen @stephen14

that something I'd be inclined to say .I would loved to have seen her face

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