...feeling sad Deb @deb79


Had to go shopping and I wore a long wrap skirt to keep my legs covered and I exited the car to get out it fell opened to expose my leg. Long/short of it a complete stranger walked by and stated "Nice Legs!" and I put my leg back in and Cried.


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Susan @godcares

Awww. Sorry to hear that. Try to not take it personally. Those type of comments are not about you. It just shows the character of them.

Amy97 @amy97

People can be so insensitive, I’ll never be able to understand it. Keep your head held high and remember you can do anything!

Sid @sid

don't let it get to you. All this does is lower your confidence even more and you don't need that. Think of yourself as unique rather than different. It might not have been his intention, but I've always liked a lady in a wrap skirt myself...

Deb @deb79
Oshawa, ON, Canada

I Still get up and Go even though all I want to do is Stay in Bed and hide some days. Please try and stay positive, I know it's difficult but we are in this together! Reach out when you are having a "bad" day! Let's figure this out Together! <3

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