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anyone know if there is a liquid body soap for sensitive skin??


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Chel @chel

I use baby shampoo because I have very sensitive skin with psoriasis.

Trevor @trevor1947

There is a range of products called The Healing Sea Company which have a Body wash that is 100% from natural origins containing seaweed that helps psoriasis. There is also a baby range. They have a web store that ships to any country (free in most cases)

Sid @sid

goat's milk soaps have been pretty good in the past...it's expensive though

Jen @jen1984

No not liquid soap but plenty of soapless body washes for sensitive skin.

Trevor @trevor1947

Thehealingsea face wash - brilliantly

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julie @tisme
Morayfield QLD, Australia

I'm 58 ack , that means nearly 60 I sure look it but well I was gonna say I dont feel it but in some ways I do dang arthritis

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