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Does going on the sunbed help with psoriasis?


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Dakeyras @dakeyras

In a word, NO...It actually can exacerbate 'P'...

Jane @jane2431

It helps mine.

james @vagman88

Thanks Jane al give it a go

Dakeyras @dakeyras

A further clarification to what I posted...my bad as should have included in the first place so my apologies about that...

For myself it merely dried out my skin further and exacerbated, though saying that it can indeed be beneficial for some.

deborah @deborah4

I've been told by my Derm that a sun bed is very dangerous. It's not the same as 'light treatment' or the natural sun, different bandwidth of light, and that it has even more complications with P sufferers as they are more likely to get cancer.

Jane @jane2431

All of the prescriptions can be dangerous as well. Everything in moderation.

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