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Have any of you tried celery juice for psoriasis any benefits I've seen online a few times this is good for immune system I got some today it doesn't taste the best I did add a little lemon juice and cayenne


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Md @md

I tried it with chia seeds, spinach, ginger, blue berry together mixed. It was beneficial. But I don’t know is it for celery or other ingredients ?

Trevor @Bluemoon63

will it work with psoriasis of the scalp ?

Paul @paul581

Thanks Debbie,I’ll give it a go

Lynn @lynnb366

My niece is a nutritionist and said it is awesome for your body, health, and other issues anyone could possibly have. She was drinking it quite often from what I remember.

Paul @paul581

I’ll give it a try

deborah @deborah4

Not familiar... he he seriously though do you eat it or rub it on

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