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Five decades old now...


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Dakeyras @dakeyras

Do I feel like I am fifty years of age, being honest I do not...aye do have a wee bit of a dodgy left knee and same with my right rotator cuff; but both old injuries from former professions so not that bothered all told and not nothing can not live with etc.

My 'P' is at tolerable levels for now, a tad worried about a new occurrence on my face but not overly stressed about it and if I drink any more water daily think I may damage my bladder! lol

Levity aside...

Living with 'P' is a both a daily and constant challenge most of time. Is it hard and mentally debilitating, aye it can be but only if you let it be so, easier said than that done I personally know. However with the support you will receive here in Flaym...you will never be alone as they say.

Rosey @sue2023

Happy 50 the Bithday🎉🎂
Hope you celebrate in Style
Welcome to the " Over the hill club" :-)

Jen @jen1984

Happy birthday Dakeyras 😊

popeye @el1

Happy Birthday :)

Dakeyras @dakeyras
Liverpool, UK

Dealt with psoriasis most of my life and the psychological affects only us who suffer truly appreciate...However my outlook is now, deal with it and try to keep positive... Not easy aye; but the worse you feel the worse it gets...

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