...feeling relieved Honey @honey


Went to hospital bcoz my pso got worst. Worst than what I have before. It's still looks like a map but less water. My doctor prescribed me an intake medicine for a month & after a week some parts are gone. The medicine btw is not for long term use.


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Honey @honey

Because of that, I have to make my own diet. The doctor said that there's a possibility that one's diet won't work on me so I have to test myself first and know what food makes me itch.

What food you guys avoid?

Jen @jen1984

Definitely avoid nightshades, acidic and high histamine foods. I hope you you get better soon.

Steve @cartermac13

If the med. is for transplant patients, you'll be clear after a month, best med I've ever took. Then you should be able to control it going forward. Good luck :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Honey. Changing your diet won't be easy but once you're into it, you'll see it's a lifestyle change and you'll feeling better as well. As per Jen, avoid nightshade, acidic and high histamine foods. Us all seem to get a negative reaction to it. Good luck and I wish you well :)

Susan @godcares

Oh dear Honey. Glad that something is helping if only short term. I have many ideas but you have to try things for yourself. Get rid of sugar, and anything that turns to sugar. Bread/pasta turn to sugar. Get rid of dairy. Don't eat alot of fruit because of the sugar and don't drink juice. Skip the alcohol. Might sound hard but once you get it under control it's actually a way of life. Work on your mind so you can find a way to cope with any stresses (they will come) and exercise even if it's just light walking. Toss processed food. Not good for you anyway.

Honey @honey

Thank you guys. I think I am now doing good with the food. I'm not really into dairy foods and other type of foods you guys said but I can't help not eating fruits it's like an everyday food here in my household. Still I will try to eat less.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Good luck Honey, I still eat fruit strange, i never used to eat that much fruit and now i do, Its to replace all the chocolates i used to eat a lot years ago, I need cut down too, though i eat a lot of blueberries and pineapple, i eat nuts also :)

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Honey @honey

I got it when I was 18 years old....

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