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I've suffered with psoriasis since 2012 which started with stress and had it ever since doctors had no idea what it was for over a year they did tests and skin tests to see if I was allergic to something but nothing came up


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Sarah. How did you find out it was Psoriasis?

Susan @godcares

Sarah, I'm not sure what tests they did. Yup... Most of us here have the stress trigger. You'll get lots of information here. Support too. Many of us got better with diet. Mine sure did! But I also did lots of stuff too. Mind, body, soul healing but sometimes I think it's an age thing too. Not much rocks my world enough to cause me stress anymore. At 57 I really don't give a sh-t about much and when I do it's time to take action. You'll have fun here too. Welcome!

Alan @kwilkyn

Sounds similar to me...

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