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Given that like psoriasis, ibs is also an autoimmune condition, I'm guessing some here are also dealing with that?


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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Susan @godcares

I don't but you could be right James. My husband did somewhat last year. Took him into the lifestyle that I have with food and now is fine. Thank God. Especially, since we just moved to a new place with only 1 Bathroom! LOL

Julie @jewelgold

I do, it also goes along with fibromyalgia. Being dairy free has helped it greatly, I also find reducing gluten products helps.

James @ferns

I just came out of a bad bout and my GP is refering me to a FODMAP trained dietician, which I'm excited about. I also found an over the counter medicine that does an extremely good job of settling my stomach. It's colloidal silicic acid (sorry, we're not supposed to use trade names here), but I bought it in a supermarket where every little helps.

James @ferns

Oh, and there's an excellent FODMAP app which uses a traffic light system on a huge range of foods. The only small downside is it was created by an Australian university so some of the premade foods aren't available in the UK.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes, i had it for a couple of years James, that was years ago, I changed my diet then, took stuff out, even tea would set me off. iceburg lettuce too. may other things like potatoes as i was eating this stuff at that time, I gave up tea for 2 years and then i tried it and i knew i was healed inside,though i dont drink tea anymore , Most people know what their triggers are and just eliminate it out of my diet, My gut did heal and then i could put some things back in diet at the time.i know if i were to eat certain things now, i would get a bout of it like my gut say, get that crap out your gut,I dont eat these things now as i said, deep fried foods are bad for the gut too, If i am away then i do let my hair down, I go out tonight after 3 weeks and drink beer have a few vodkas, eat burger and chips and i am good , just rare treat , :)

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