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I have guttate type of psoriasis and I'm dealing with it.


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Darlene @darlene

What is guttate type?

Edwin @edwin1

What was explained to me by a former dermatologist it starts with small rounded eruptions that appear in multiples. These small red dots are very itchy and when scratched bleeds. Then it spreads with the dry skin showing and the red dots become widespread. The red dots disappear and what is left is the hallmark of psoriasis a big area of flaky skin but mine are very reddish and when I bump or scratch when I'm asleep it bleeds heavily. I keep my nails very short but I know I scratch hard at night. I wake up bleeding somewhere and the bedsheets have smear of blood. I was also told it's the worse kind and 100% passable to a child. So I dont want this to happen to a child who will have a lifetime of struggle with guttate psoriasis. It's not easy as I have been dealing with this since 2010. Started in my scalp and at one point 80% of my body was covered sparing my face and neck. I am glad for the 3 years of biologics I got but they dont last. The side effects are what I have that lingers the weakness, fatigue, got exposed to TB and diarrhea. It's the price I am paying for the biologics that helped at one point but I know made other issues.

Jannie @jannie2469

Great post Edwin. I don’t have it as bad as you and I truly feel for you. Mine has spread to my face. I’m so glad I haven’t done the biological. Hope your day was good

Edwin @edwin1

Ty have a good weekend.

Edwin @edwin1

I dont know how to respond to your post @Marken.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Edwin. I wish you well and hope you will get better soon. I have never done biologics but I have heard from many how quick it works but unfortunately there are side effects yes. I was 80% covered more than 25 years ago and I know what everyone is going through. I only have P on 3% of my body (ankles) and it's clearing bit by bit. I'm sure that if I was 80% covered, I would've taken the route to biologics too. Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you. :)

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