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Have recently been diagnosed with arthritic psoriasis in my joints .It is quite painful. Are anti inflammatory and steroids the only answer.


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

No its not the only answer , I made mine better Michael by changing my lifestyle, Hard to do but simple over time ,taking out potential bad stuff and your joints will improve but will take a while to see benefits though, i felt a difference in a short time , That is a choice though to change lifestyle ,Sorry about this with arthritis

Madmum007 @madmum007

I don't know if I'm allowed to put this, but hubby uses Dog Oil for Massaging, he swears it works wonders. I say it's the rapeseed oil in it !!!

Susan @godcares

Hi Michael. Nice to chat again. You know my life changes soooo... maybe it’s time to take the plunge!

Joy @joy697

What is dog oil

Nancy @nancynurse

Biologics !!! No diet, spices, oil, tar etc going to work.
Diagnosed with PsA.. the anti-rheumatic pills cleared my skin immediately the biologic got me on my feet.
I amazed at those who complain here using products oils, adding this and that to food here, hiding from the world from flakes and redness. I found help so can others, stop who got take action.. where do I unsubscribe from this site? No one seems to move on, just carry on about flakes.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Glad medications helped you Nancy :),I just think a lot of people are a bit scared of using drugs for this like myself but, if i was in a bad way, i would try anything to get rid of it for sure, Just with anything to do with psoriasis seems to have a down side with treatments prescribed etc , I am a lifer Nancy and i dont hide from the world but i do hide my skin as i dont like the looks, few spots here and there i dont worry. patches i do,I think i have a bit of PTSD from this?, Childhood was a bit nasty in many ways ,psoriasis didnt help at all,I have been offered pills and said no as it is a choice,I do understand if this is the route persons would want to go down, This site is mainIy for support and get some ideas which may help to make ones life better,This site helped me 2 and half years ago , I wish you well Nancy :)

Michelle @michelle1021

I agree with John. This site has helped many to overcome their fear of having Psoriasis and to face the world. Not all of us are using the same method but all of us can see improvement with whatever we use. It doesn't matter if you use Biologics or dog oil. I myself am a tar fan as that helps managing my P apart from my diet /lifestyle changes. It's easy to move on when you see improvement, but not easy to face the music when it comes back. We are not here to judge or degrade someone for not using a specific medication. We are here to support each other and to let everyone know we are there for them just like I know they are there for me. Good luck to you Nancy and I'm happy to hear about your amazing results with using biologics.

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michael @macconmara
Dublin, Ireland

I have always suffered from psoriasis and its flare ups..I also suffer from COPD and have reduced lung function..I do not let these things stop my life.Life is for you to live and make of it what you want. Modern medications are very good .

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