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My scalp is rubbish , tried everything . I’m using dovobet gel at mo. What does everyone else use


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Tracy and welcome to Flaym :). I'm sorry to hear about your scalp. I know how frustrating the itch can be and sore especially when it's bleeding. I had an itchy head a couple of days ago and it stayed for about 2 weeks. I use a coal tar based shampoo. It does help with the itch. I'm not sure what triggered the itch but I also got 3-4 spots on my head. It's gone now but I still don't know what activated the P on my head? I just try to eat healthy as my diet is very important to my Psoriasis. I can understand that living in a cold country like yourself, the cold could mainly be the biggest trigger for you?
I was diagnosed with P when I was 17 ( 27 years ago), the first time I colored my hair. My scalp was covered in P. Strange thing though is that my P disappeared when I started coloring my hair afterwards again? Maybe the ammonia?
Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I use childs farm moisturizer, alphosyl shampoo for scalp, and i do diet/lifestyle aswell, I did use a steroid a while ago for a week and it did improve very well on my body, I been on vita biotics aswell for over 2 months now , still going with it .Its a super supplement , vitamins,Sorry about your situation Tracy, I hope you can get on top of it soon, Summer is nearly here if the sun helps you? I wish you well Thank you

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