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Hi only had it bout 2 years but I’m in so much pain it’s on my hands and under neath my feet. Sometimes I can hardly walk .its making me depressed and I find I’m crying cause I’m in so much pain .thats my moaning done x


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James @ferns

I had it on the soles of my feet for a while. I found moisturising half a dozen times a day helped a lot. I used soft paraffin. Also, choose wisely what you wear on your feet, I found natural material best, cotton or wooden socks and good quality leather boots or shoes.

Glanis @glanis

Thanks James it’s so bad on my feet at the moment I can only wear doc martins but now even they hurt

Max @max1

Have your tried enstillaer

James @ferns

I see you’re in the UK so your doc should give you moisturisers like the liquid paraffin I mentioned. It took a week or two with me and even then I had to keep it up for a week or three but it did help, a lot.

Glanis @glanis

They have given me two creams one epidermis then another one plus tablets but no much help

James @ferns

Maybe one of those times when you have to try a few till you get what works for you.

jessica @jessica218

I use aveeno, it helps loads x

Apolonia @apolonia

Hello, I feel your pain :(

I encourage you to try Juice Plus. I’ve has severe plaque psoriasis for 15 years. It used to cover over 85% of my body, but it’s now 80% better!

Please take a look at my Instagram if you want to see photos. @psoriasisacceptance. You can also contact me if you want to hear more about it.

Joy @joy697

I can relate. Hand and feet are the wirst

Susan @godcares

You know maybe try working from the inside out. What I did to get healing is cut out sugar, bread/pasta, dairy, alcohol, eat very little fruit. I'm pretty much just a vegetable/protein girl along with my husband. I also did tons of stuff like meditation, got my Faith on track, forgave everyone, listen to great tunes, let go of all stresses including my family and friends... Basically I did a 360 degree turn in life. I'm 57 now, newly remarried and love my life. If I was in full blown psoriasis, then I would know to start from the inside out. If you are recommended steroid cream, please use carefully and rarely. I used it for 2 decades and the effects are very thin skin. Seriously, it can tear like paper but seems to be getting better somewhat...

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Glanis @glanis
Whalley, Clitheroe, UK

I come from down south but now live up north and love it x

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