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What's the ONE food you would not give up for psoriasis? For me - and it might seem strange - its pickled tomatoes. I'm sorry P, but you're gonna have to take a back seat to this pickled goodness.


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Charlotte @charlotte

I love food! I have a sweet tooth and I can't give up a good bit of naughty calories now and again🙈I have never tried pickled tomatoes and now that's one thing I need to try 😋

Jack @psoriasisblob

Me too! Pickled tomatoes are a bit like Marmite, either love'em or hate'em, but are surprisingly common in Eastern Europe. Mmm...

Kay @nuggetsmcr

Mash for me haha I know potatoes are meant to be rubbish for the skin but mash just has to stay haha

John @johnwick

Pickled tomatoes are a thing? Who knew?

Tough call. I don't let psoriasis get in the way of my food choices anyway but if I had to pick one thing I guess it'd be mushrooms... or Percy Pig sweets.

Heatherlynn @heatherlynn

Mine is coffee. It's not really food per se. lol I need to have coffee at the very least if I was to choose what not to give up.

Ghulam Mohd Dar
Ghulam Mohd Dar @ghulammohddar

I don't think there is any restriction for any food in case of psoriasis.

paul @crick

puckin pickled tomatoes,what will you come up with next? mines salted peanuts

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Pickled green tomatoes to be exact.

Very delicious thing next to pickled cauliflower one of the best pickled things.

Ghulam Mohd Dar
Ghulam Mohd Dar @ghulammohddar

psoriasis is a disease which has no side effect, so it can not be effected by any of the vegetarian food, however, mutton is said to be effective for psoriasis.

Jack @psoriasisblob

P4G not the hard green ones! Tried them but the soft red pickles are the best, with dill, garlic, all those spices. Makes me want to go buy a jar right now. Never tried cauliflower, but have tried pickled watermelon!

Ghulam Mohd Dar
Ghulam Mohd Dar @ghulammohddar

i am not taking such pickled tamato, i think this is called capsicum

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Well that's a new one... watermelon :)

Never tried red tomatoes with herbs, but obviously now I need to try them :)

I LOVE sun dried red tomatoes in olive oil with mozzarella and some fresh basil from My garden with some fresh ground pepper and some high quality sea salt + home made young olive oil... pure sex.

Try this one - You will need one fully sunny hot summer day, pack of cornichones, fresh dill, salt, vinegar and water. Cut them criss cross, but not entirely so they remain whole per piece, water needs to have acidity just enough that You can take a spoon of it and make a stoopid face :) put some fresh dill (i put a LOT of it), some salt (not too much because it reflects the pickling time) and put it at all-day-sunny spot at night with some cover/weight over them like a small plate with some stone or something, NOT entirely closed so they can "breathe".

Sun will start the process at the morning, leave it whole day, let them cool down, and the next morning You have such a breakfast treat that I can't explain it (works with fresh peppers also).

You can thank me later :)

Ragazza @ragazza

Coffee and bottles of lemon juice.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

tea with skimmed milk and sugar :) also my one night of badness every 2 weeks of low strength lager and bad food or good,depends which way you look at it :),otherwise everything else no problem to stop :)

Jaypee @jaypee

Rice!!! I eat it every single day. Btw, is it a trigger for others?

Holli @holli

I agree with Klo on mash! Either that or salt and chilli chips from the Chinese haha! (no wonder I have bad skin, eek)

Nicola @Nicky

What are cornichones, never heard about them?

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Small cucumbers, basically made for pickleing or for eating fresh with skin on.

John @johnwick

Basically a gherkin.

Sabrina @fergiegirl

Wine -!! Yeah, yeah, I know, alcohol is P's worst enemy ...

Ghulam Mohd Dar
Ghulam Mohd Dar @ghulammohddar

Sabrena! you are right about wine, but people still take it.

Joni @joni

You can't take my pizza away!

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

I can't eat too many pizza slices, 2-3 of a large one, but that's it.

On the other hand I can eat 12 scrambled eggs on pig fat with some bacon and ham without a problem (that was a record) and some salad on the side :)

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