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I had my pso 4-5 years ago, but what happened with me is that I didn’t know I had it until last year..4-5years ago i went to a dermatologist who is my friends mother back then she knew what I had but she didnt want to scare me->


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G @gj

Therefore she ended up telling me not to stress over anything and to chill that was it and I remember she asked me if I'm the type who doesn’t let her emotions out.. and yes I don’t! I kept on telling her its increasing in number but she kept on telling me not to stress myself, few years later it took over my elbow due to personal family issues i was devastated and my pso increased in number in a scary way everyday i find a new one..

G @gj

Then last year finally while i was questioning what im having deep inside I knew it was pso but wasn’t sure until my dermatologist confirmed it was pso and started my treatment.. so far nothing is working out i tried almost every topical ointment and im finding difficulties with the normal day to day routine😔 then i decide to search for any place where I can find people like me who can understand what I’m going through ended up here today!! I hope i can find solutions and friends thank you💕

Nik @nik1

Hi, I'm not on here very often but when I am it picks me up. I have severe pso and have had it for nearly 30 years. I'm currently going crazy with the steroid cream to try and look a little M ormal for my sun holiday in July!

G @gj

I hope everything works out with you! And thank you for commenting on my post! 🙏

James @ferns

My doctor had no idea what it was when I first got it, on just my scalp initially. When I was in my thirties I was invited to take part in a study being done which looked at heredity v stress. No one in my family has or has had P so stress would seem to be my trigger, which fits perfectly. If I was being attacked by zombies I still wouldn't be visibly panicking, inside though, different matter. Now that said, I'm a very different person now and live a fairly relaxed and stress free life, but the P persists. I was top to toe for a while but at the end of last year, undertook a three month full body UV treatment, which worked very well. The only spots I had left were where the UV couldn't penetrate, behind my ears and underneath the trainer sock. Now though, a month or three on, I once more have a little on my knees and elbows and my back, although clear, gets really itchy which was the forerunner to the last time I had plaques there. I'm hoping we get a decent run of sunshine this summer which would help, however I won't hold my breath. I live in Scotland and I have to be realistic.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi G and welcome to Flaym. Yes we have wonderful Flaymers on this site who can give you great advice.
I have P for 27 years now. Was 80% covered but for the past 10 years I only have it on my ankles (palm size on each). Sometimes it's clearing but then I do get my days when I cheat with certain food that it looks worse.
Since joining Flaym, I've learned what to eat and believe me, it helped me so much. I concentrate mostly on eating anti-inflammatory food and lots of fish and chicken. I don't itch and I don't have flakes but should I eat the wrong food, oh boy, I itch and flake at the same time. Good luck to you and I think your Mom's friends should've told you years ago about your condition. Better to be prepared than to be surprised and stress more. :)

G @gj

Thank you so much, im looking forward to learn from all of you im still new to this and trying my best to learn my condition and my P. It’s wonderful knowing that i have the support i need from social media.
And yes that lady should’ve told me sooner!

Michelle @michelle1021

That's why we are all here G. To help and support. Have you looked at your diet? There are certain food that triggers Psoriasis as well as perfumed soap, cream etc. Not all of us are the same when it comes to our P but rather be safe than sorry :)

eric @eric1946

weird,, my flares used to go away in about 1-2 months,, this one is now here for 4 months,,,, I'm getting laser ultra lights on the spots,,doet do much for it yet after 3 sessions. For now \Im unwilling to go to biologicts, no matter how much rhey advsrtise all of them on TV,, too many possible side effects.
Played 18 holes golf in shorts today and forgot all about it for 5 hrs.

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