...feeling frustrated G @gj

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Im trying to raise an awareness!
Isn’t weird that not many people know about pso and they think it’s 😷 contagious ! Im sick of trying to explain that pso isn’t contagious 😭😭🤯😡


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joanna @joanna7

I know your frustration. I have been trying for 26 years and it's like with everything else...some people will always be ignorants.

Nik @nik1

I know my now husband asked before he touched me years ago if he would catch it. Now he says he doesn't mind it but I still feel embarrassed!!

James @ferns

I've had it for over 45 years now and experienced pretty much every reaction you could think of. I gave up trying to educate people, or caring what they think, a long time ago. I live my life the way I see fit and developed a thick skin (pun intended) a long time ago. If a person reacts badly, or doesn't want to interact with me, then my attitude is simply, fuck them, and I move on. If they know about P, or are willing to listen, then good, if they want to be friendly, then double good. The desire to be friendly is my default start position. I truly don't believe there will ever be a cure, big pharma have zero interest in finding cures, so once I accept that, I simply learned to live with it.

Rosey @sue2023

Like James, you give up explaing after years and years, least my adult children are educated and would never judge pple as they seen it, how bad it can get etc, grandkids accepted it, they even wanted to be like me bless them,

Michelle @michelle1021

G, this will happen throughout our lives and we have to live with it. It's frustrating explaining it over and over again but this is the only way more people will understand and we have to raise awareness. :)

steve @beachbum

I'm lucky, mine's gone after having it for 15 years.

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