...feeling frustrated James @ferns


Between two and three months finished UV and still good. However, I have an outbreak at the sides of my nose, behind my ears and downstairs. Going to the doc on Friday.


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Bev @bev43

Good luck James

Ellen @ellen4

Hope it all heals soon .....sorry James .

Rosey @sue2023

I succumbed to m. Tab somehow skipped light treatment, to time consuming and costly to me, all good still bad scarring on arms but that's nothing, hope you be clear soon

James @ferns

It’s definitely a commitment to undergo UV, I was just lucky to be in a position where I could take advantage.

Rosey @sue2023

I wasn't, 4 treatments a week, OK treatments are not long, but place was far away and couldn't do it after work plus heard that it works but only effective for bout 3 mths, for some, some don't work at all, plus the risk of what happens 10 years later, my med way more risky but worked for me and intensive in blood tests etc but that was easier option, not cheaper option, but getting used to it, hope ures works for you and mine works for me, anything is better than what it was like and got results so cheers To us James

James @ferns

I guess because I’m in a caring profession, I support disabled adults to live in their own home and be a part of their community, my employer is already inclined to be sensitive to our needs. Our rotas change weekly so as long as the person compiling the rota knows you have to be clear at a certain time on a certain date, he can compile your rota round that. That way I make the appointment but don’t lose hours. I appreciate very much not everyone has this advantage. I tried UV years ago when I worked in engineering but had to give it up.

Lou @lou60

Hope u got some good news!

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James @ferns

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