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When the spots disappeared, there are many birthmarks in the places p was.
Does anyone have this too?
Is there a link with p?
I also have pigmentation spots, does this have to do with p?
Or Am I misdiagnosed? Could it be lupus erythematosus?


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James @ferns

I have marks all over my body where plaques have been. If they’re in places the sun gets to, and you live somewhere sunny (unlike me), then they’ll fade down somewhat, but other than that, I haven’t found a way to deal with them. They’re not painful though so they don’t bother me. You may also find you’ll get a plaque forming at the site of a healed wound.

A @millionways

They don't bother me by how they look, but I'm worried. And wonder if it belongs to Psoriasis. The pigmentation spots are dark. The pigmentation spots get worse due to the sun. I live in the Netherlands, not a sunny place 😀.

Rosey @sue2023

Mine is scarring all over arms, from severe psrioasis, but I go short sleeved now, it's faded a bit, but it's real noticeable but that's OK, better than what it was, as p gone remnants a reminder so argh still get comments

A @millionways

Hi Rosey, sorry to hear that. I am not bothered by what other people moght think or say.
I am worried about the pigmentation..
Do you have pigmentation?

Rosey @sue2023

I have multicultural things happening on arms, that's OK, mottled colors, but not inflamed or scales and am comfortable going short sleeved so not worried about comments now, rest of me is wow no scarring at all mind u yet to look at back of legs and bum, but feels smooth, hands clear too, now get pimples on face from medication, but nothing like the scales and rosy red inflammation, I'm quiet pale face and wrinkles can been seen now, before nothing but pure red scale and scales everywhere, so am happy, not used to. Pimples though lol but that's nothing in comparison

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