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Hi My lovely Flaymers. I hope you are all doing well? My P is looking great, got a few extra spots but they disappear quickly. I'll be going on holiday to a colder country and hope my P doesn't play up. :)


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Michelle @michelle1021

As you know I'm from South Africa and going to a colder country (Ireland) will have affect my P. Any advice to keep my P comfortable and not to warm will be appreciated :)

Ken @kennyo

have a nice holiday Michelle x

Ellen @ellen4

Hi Mich... I think its summer time in Ireland now so enjoy your holiday............

Ellen @ellen4

On April 25, 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Duobrii lotion for adults living with psoriasis.
Duobrii lotion combines both the anti-inflammatory agent halobetasol propionate to clear plaques and the vitamin A derivative tazarotene to help extend the clearing process by limiting the overgrowth of cells that cause plaques. The prescription-only topical is designed to be used daily (up to one year) by rubbing a thin layer of the lotion on affected skin as needed.

Tammy @tamm2

Have a nice holiday☺

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you everyone!
Ellen, that sounds amazing! Have you tried it? If this is the case then I'll definitely try it :)

Bev @bev43

Ellen the only problem is, is that summer in Ireland can be the same temp as winter in SA. I've been to Ireland in summer and lived in jackets. It's a beautiful and very friendly place though

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes , True Bev as its up north from where i am, its in line with liverpool and its cold up there where we are going .I take my darts jacket if it still fits? maybe too big now lol and other coat and hoodie. Be like leaving winter and going into another winter lol in the spring time as it will still be spring then .Be my first time in Ireland so new experience, sure it will be lovely in every way :)

Ellen @ellen4

Hi Mich... no I haven't tried it as yet ...don't even know if that product is in SA yet ........

buenaven @buenaven

So nice to know you are doing well.

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Michelle @michelle1021
Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

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