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my ps is really bad at the moment on my scalp ive thought of coating my scalp in oil to try and lift it , any ideas what sort of oil I should use ??


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Ellen @ellen4

Hi Julie .. I also have scalp P ... when it was at its worst I also coated my scalp with oil ... I currently use a mix of coconut , tea tree , olive oil & grape seed .....I path my hair & rub the oil on my scalp ... I leave it on for the day & wash out the next morning ...make sure to cover your head at night so that the oils do not go on your pillows or alternately you can wash your hair & re-apply in the morning...hope this helps ....I also wash my hair with a TAR shampoo....& I use a shampoo/ conditioner with no SULPHATE in it ....

Rosey @sue2023

I found olive oil the best relief, but only thing that got rid of my scalp p was a Drs prescription, d A v i o bet, coal tar shampoo helped too paired with goats milk conditioner

Ava @ava1

I tried different oils, and though they helped, none cured my scalp psoriasis. If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't absorb the vitamins which help prevent psoriasis - especially D, K2, and magnesium. I've been eating 100% gluten free since an endoscopy in March with dramatic healing from ALL of my autoimmune issues! Psoriasis has dropped dramatically, with only one little patch behind my ear that no longer itches. Best wishes! 😊

julie @tisme
Morayfield QLD, Australia

I'm 58 ack , that means nearly 60 I sure look it but well I was gonna say I dont feel it but in some ways I do dang arthritis

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