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I am 26 years, I do not see the meaning of life


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James @ferns

My opinion, you make your own meaning in life, your own purpose. One big help for people with psoriasis is, having others to talk to. One type of person I guarantee will never be negative toward you, is others with psoriasis. Joining this group is a good first step.

Ava @ava1

It's easy to get depressed when you're physically down. If that's where you are, consider having the blood test for celiac disease, as damaged intestines can't absorb the vitamins which help prevent psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases - especially D, K2, and magnesium. I've been eating 100% gluten free since an endoscopy in March w/ dramatic healing from ALL of my issues! Psoriasis has dropped dramatically, with only one little patch behind my ear that no longer itches. I also have energy (no longer a couch potato) and a more optimistic approach to life. Something to consider ….

PS: Prayer has definitely helped me. Without a belief in God through Christ, my life would feel quite meaningless, too.

liberatoris @liberatoris
Poznań, Poland

26 years old. life is?

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