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Although my body is fairly clear after the UV, I have a little at the sides of my nose and behind my ears. I got some cream from my doc. I just noticed the info sheet says not for use on the face. Where does she think the sides of my nose are?


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Dan @thepsoriasisjourney

Try a 90 day diet where you fully focus on cutting out processed food, dairy, red meat, and sugar.

Check out my youtube channel "The Psoriasis Journey" and you'll see my transformation!

Michelle @michelle1021

haha James. Maybe this is not a very strong cream and can be used on the face although the sheet says not for use on the face. I have used ointment before on my face for prevention but not a lot and it did not do any damage. Rather don't use too much too often but be careful :) Good luck

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Dan ,yes thats right, Many have seen improvements by changing their diet/lifestyle, in the past i helped many improve just by taking all the junk out in the past , mine improved too but mainly with my psoriatic arthritis,A few people got back to me to say they cleared severe psoriasis by 40 to 50%within a few months just by making changes ,maintaining a good healthy weight helps a lot with psoriasis too,though its a choice, Some changes in diet/lifestyle is better than none but,its a choice a choice for everyone :)

James @ferns

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