...feeling sad G @gj

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Im not healing!! I don’t know what to do😭😭😭😭


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James @ferns

Sadly there isn’t healing from psoriasis as such, just treatments. There are lots of different creams, uv light treatment, injections, even dietary changes. What works for one may not for another, you just have to try things. However uncomfortable it is to hear though, all these treatments are doing really is suppressing the symptoms for a while, sometimes just a short while, sometimes much longer. I myself have not long finished a three month course of uv treatment, my psoriasis is already reasserting itself. However, take whatever gains you can get and keep psoriasis just a part of your life, not your whole life.

Rosey @sue2023

Yeah sometimes you have to do what's needed, means medical road unfortunately, but do try no dairy or nightshades,no sugar, or bread, it sometimes help, everyone is different, I eventually had to do the medication route, yep am cleared but side effects suck and numerous blood tests, try foods first if you were not born with it, like, give up alkahol, dairy, sugar, processed foods, one thing at a time, it can clear you

G @gj

Thank you all, and im diabetic in addition i have lactose intolerance....im already dairy free somehow and my sugar supply isn’t much. But I’ll try my best just like all of you, I AM GAINING MY WILL TO FIGHT THIS FROM ALL OF YOU, Knowing im not alone gives me strength maybe some of you will think im being dramatic or something but believe me having people answring my concerns and comforting me is blessful as it is, and bless whoever made this app srsly its the best.

roseanna @roseanna

Enrol was amazing for me for the most part

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes, lifestyle choices has helped many I know as i have helped people reduce their psoriasis by half or more. I have psoriatic arthritis too and i can say, its been great for 2 years ,Slow elimination is key to success with a lot of people G,It does take time i know why it works to do slow elimination of potential bad foods,most foods out there especially in packets is junk,mainly plant based foods is whats needed in most cases, it can take months to see improvements but its all worth it and let you hair down now and again as one has to have a life i get that ,I wish you well,You want a list up i will put one up for you of potential bad foods and good foods ,all the best to you

G @gj

Thank you that would be helpful ❤️

Ellen @ellen7

I find if l can stop the itch and me scratching it clears up. I find tomato or tomato based products are not good. Keep trying.

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