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Do you have family members with psoriasis? I’ve had psoriasis for over 15 years and no one else in my family has it until I found out last week that my dad’s cousins have it. I feel like it’s strange because we’re so far removed in the family tree.


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Rosey @sue2023

I think in my case no one has it, but some family members do, regardless we have it

Lindsay @lindsay

Yes I’m 43 I’ve had it 20+ years. My brother is 40 and had it since he was 2. Our dad had it but to a much lesser extent. Our half sister (same dad) has mild p. My dads aunt apparently had it on her knees. Definitely a genetic link in our case although brother and I most affected.

Madmum007 @madmum007

Hi Aimee,
My father had it very mildly on his scalp. but it never bothered him unless he changed shampoos or washed his hair too often!!

Dan @thepsoriasisjourney

Yes, my grandma does. It's one of those things that you just have to live with and not blame them I guess

G @gj

No im the only one in my family who has it but god knows i might have an unknown family member who has it.

Susan @godcares

Hi Aimee. Nobody, past or present, as far as any one knows had any of the autoimmune dis-eases I had. Just little old me...

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Aimee. Yes my mother passed it on to me,her farewell gift i expect :), I dont know her side of the family ,i only know that she had/has got it :)

sarah @sarah14041982

hello, my father and my grandmother had it, its inherited..

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi there Aimee. Yes, I had two uncles whom had it but not severe and then all of a sudden it went into remission until they passed on.
My brother and sister has got P on their elbows only but not severe. It comes and goes all the time. I have P now for 27 years and I'm the only one whom had it severe. My P went into remission for about 10 years but due to emotional stress it came back. I was 90% covered at the time but thankfully only 5% on my legs now. P can skip a generation or two, maybe more for all we know and it doesn't matter how far you off from the family tree. You still have the same blood :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Maybe i need a transfusion to new blood and get rid of my bad blood Michelle? think that will work? :)

lillianm @lillianm

My sister has it and my father's aunt too and me of course 😪

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