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I had a severe p for the last 6 months, covering 90% of my body...
Now after using the right medicines and stress relief methods I managed to control most of it... I only have it in my scalp and nothing's working with it... Any suggestions guys ??


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Dan @thepsoriasisjourney

I tried medicines, it's a temporary relief and might not even do that.

Natural treatment with diets, stress relief, and UVB light therapy helped.

James @ferns

Applying something like almond oil, as hot as you can take it without burning yourself, wash it off in the morning. A few nights of that and the plaque becomes very soft and comes away when you wash your hair. As always with P though, it doesn’t work for everyone. Oh, and it’s not a cure or treatment even, just one way of getting rid of the plaques.

Michelle @michelle1021

The only thing I use for my scalp is a coal tar shampoo or head and shoulders. I do not have P on my scalp but I used to. Even though its gone, I still only use those two shampoos. I have tried a few others but my scalp started itching.

Ava @ava1

If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't absorb the vitamins which help prevent psoriasis - especially D, K2, and magnesium. I've been eating 100% gluten free since an endoscopy in March w/ dramatic healing from ALL of my issues! Psoriasis has dropped dramatically, with only one little patch behind my ear that no longer itches. 😊

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